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Thank you for visiting our site. Think Before You Buy is a result of a report & study carried out by Safer Blanchardstown on the very real issues surrounding drug debt intimidation in west Dublin and the disastorous effects it is having on those communites affected, although this problem is not one that is localised to west Dublin. The reports author Philip Jennings of Safer blanchardstown continues;

Drugs and drug debt intimidation are not just Dublin-wide issues, they have harmful effects on communities in every corner of Ireland and in every country across the globe.

We must start to look at drug debt intimidation as a behaviour that develops, like any behaviour, along a continuum. If we see these behaviours as occurring at different stages but having an interconnected affect between higher and lower orders, linked interventions could be developed to tackle particular behaviours.”

This will have the overall affect of reducing the number of individuals, and the attraction to become, involved in anti-social behaviour, drugs misuse, drug related crime and drug debt intimidation.

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REf. News article on the report.